Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Eni Pendant

As always I'm inspired by Eni Oken and her consumate ability to create new and exciting patterns and projects. This is one such project. A netted bezel pendant made from Sterling silver, Fine Silver and a (I think) dyed agate stone bead. The bead has been floating around in my stash for quite a while waiting for a project to suit and it now gets worn regularly and commented on often.

I have actually been working also

In the last 2 weeks I've actually had a little time and inclination to make some new things. I've been inspired by some of the women on the Australian beading forum, well more like been shamed by them lol, but thats another story. So I thought I should get my act together and make some chain maille.

Here are a couple of the new kits that I have made. The Olivia weave kit was finished only yesterday and only barely an hour before the class I was hosting. Phew!

Miles Behind

Well, it seems that I lost a couple of months somewhere. What a couple of months it was also. In that time we have packed up 12 years of existance and moved to another home. Not by choice mind you, we were reasonably happy where we were but being tenants, we didn't have a lot of choice as our home was sold and the buyers weren't investers but developers. Soooo, we moved two suburbs away. Now whilst this was a huge upheaval to the family, it wasn't actually a bad move. We now rent a duplex (for international readers, this is one house divided into 2 units, both ground floor) on a lake. It's very like living in a resort lol and I pinch myself every day when I come home that I actually LIVE here. So the two months were spent half packing up, half unpacking and the worst affected by the move was the poor cat who had never been anywhere else and was inconsolable for the first few weeks. awwwwwww. My 13yo son had never moved since he could comprehend but he managed to take it all in his stride (thanks someone!). Now he has a lake to put his blow up dinghy on and its a very large swimming pool for summer. Plus, he has his own virtual ensuite (yippee!!!) and I have my own also. Plus !!!! wait for it............ my first dishwasher in many years! I just remembered that I can actually cook when I don't have to wash it up lol. Ahhh the small things in life are wonderful. Now if I could just afford a Ruba Scooba (robotic floor cleaner) I'd be made. Here's a pic looking at the lake from the kitchen window.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hana Gusari Bracelet

I saw a picture of this in a chain maille book (never one for remembering which on) and I thought I would have a go at making it from memory about 6 months later. This is made with Fine Silver plated rings sizes 1.2 x 7.0mm ID and 0.914 x 3.5mm ID. The bangle section is a store bought one where the ball on one end winds off. It is extremely comfortable to wear and the diamond section hangs over the front of the hand and another diamond over the back. It takes a bit of getting used to. Word of warning, Don't try to type with this on, its terribly annoying lol.

New Kits

Three more kits added to my range in the last month. From left to right they are:

Butterfly weave, Box Chain with Turquoise in this case, and Half Persian 3 in 1. These will be in my Oztion shop shortly (tonight if I don't fall asleep first lol). All of my kits are now available in either Fine Silver plated rings or 18k Gold Plated rings. I can cut sterling but please email me for a price first. My bracelet kits are for a 7 1/2 " wrist.

Birthday Pressie

Good heavens, I just looked at when my last post was and its been 6 weeks. I looked twice to make sure it WAS 6 not 2 lol.
This is a coin purse that I made as a Birthday present for Michelle who owns and runs the local beadshop. I work there teaching chain maille and wire art. The purse is created in 1.2mm x 4.5mmID Fine Silver plated rings in European 4 in 1 weave. There are approx 600 rings in this. Does'nt look it hey ? But let me tell you, there are lol. I made this one up as I went along and had to pull it apart in places and redo it several times. 1. so that Michelles money wouldnt fall out the gap 2. so that it would sit nice and flat. The purse top is an inexpensive one from Spotlight. The crystals are pink opal and violet swaros.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Very First Exhibition

How excited could one person get ???? I asked the local library a couple of months back if I could exhibit my chain maille in the cabinet by the front door. I was expecting to be called around mid July to give me a date and then today I got a phone call saying someone had cancelled and would I like to display from today?? Does Sterling Silver tarnish? Is the pope a catholic? lol You've never seen someone have jewellery cleaned and displays organized so fast. I hope Irene From Peterson and Step By Step Wire Magazine appreciate the free plug also lol.